Focus op details en voorspelbaar

We leveren al meer dan 35 jaar ‘state-of-the-art’ magazijnoplossingen. Onze ervaring in automatisering heeft ons de kennis en expertise gegeven om winstgevende en schaalbare oplossingen te bouwen die tientallen jaren meegaan.

The devil is in the details when it comes to putting together a profitable AutoStore solution. A crucial part of achieving a successful result is correctly measuring the grid and installing the first few aluminum profiles.

Because of this crucial phase, we always use installation teams with extensive experience in building AutoStore grids. After this step, the rest of the grid is easily assembled just like an advanced LEGO building kit.

During every step of construction, your dedicated project manager has full control over all deliveries, ensuring everything arrives on time. The project manager is the point of contact and keeps you constantly informed of the process.

"Zelfs na vele jaren in de praktijk, heeft Element Logic nog geen noemenswaardige vertraging opgelopen bij het opleveren van een project. Onze klanten waarderen deze betrouwbaarheid in een tijd van verandering zeer."

— Nils Grille, Project Manager, Element Logic Norway
Onwrikbare projectoplevering: De consistentie van Element Logic.

Jouw magazijnautomatisering

To optimize the handling of the material flow, we also design and deliver integrated transport solutions that increase the level of automation in your warehouse. The conveyor system brings orders from AutoStore to the loading docks and processes waste and recycling. And also consider other parts of the warehouse automation solution, such as packaging machines for boxes or bags, sorting systems for outgoing orders and internal distribution within the warehouse.

Once the warehouse solution has been delivered, our commissioning team carries out extensive testing and simulations on possible scenarios. This way you can be sure that the solution matches the estimated capacity and efficiency figures from the design process.