Meer automatisering en meer winst

eOperator is de robotarm van Element Logic die wordt aangestuurd door machinaal leren. Het is bewezen dat het werkt met AutoStore en wordt beschouwd als de toekomst van de logistiek.

eOperator enables automatic processing of goods stored in AutoStore. How? By combining RightHand Robotics’ award-winning RightPick part picking technology with Element Logic software. When AutoStore delivers an item, the robotic arm picks it up and fulfills customer orders at high speed for a high ROI. The robotic arm can pick and place thousands of products, and by eliminating human error, customers get what they ordered – every time.

The robot arm can be integrated with AutoStore, eManager and all other warehouse management software.

Robotarm - een nieuw automatiseringsniveau

eOperator is the employee who never gets tired, who can work in the dark without heat and who never needs a sick day. His ‘brain’ runs on a powerful Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). It is designed to process massive amounts of data quickly and uses machine learning to perform various tasks. Little by little, he learns how to grasp objects of different sizes and shapes in the most efficient way. It doesn’t replace human workers – it works with people to ensure a profitable and optimized workflow.

With eOperator, the number of human contact moments is greatly reduced and the flow from the warehouse to the customer becomes more efficient. For employees, this means they can work smarter, not harder. Their working day becomes more ergonomic and their responsibility greater.

"Het gebruik van RightPick-technologie als picksysteem om de prestaties in een geautomatiseerd magazijn te verbeteren, is een van de beste voorbeelden van de intrede van machine learning in de intralogistiek. Dit is de toekomst van automatisering."

— Sutharshan Nadarajah, Technology Director, Element Logic
Ervaar het revolutionaire orderpicksysteem RightPick, dat gebruik maakt van machine learning voor excellente intralogistiek.

Hoe het werkt

eOperator consists of the robot arm, a camera that serves as eyes and a gripping hand with suction and movable fingers. The technology in the eOperator can find out in a fraction of a second what the fastest way to grab an object is. This adaptability to learn and improve makes the eOperator unique and enhances your AutoStore solution.

The robot arm also comes with an intuitive user interface and operational dashboard, and a service portal. It is designed to work next to people for maximum flexibility. To ensure that the eOperator is performing properly, you have access to real-time statistics.

eOperator was designed and developed by Element Logic and has been successfully integrated into our customers’ AutoStore warehouses. Contact us today to see how and when we can take your warehouse to the next level of automation.

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Solar automatiseert zijn magazijn met een AutoStore-oplossing van Element Logic.

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